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4-Part Series on How To Sell Advertising & Work With Brands

The goal of this course is to read and implement each Training Module as you receive it, completing the tasks before you move on to the next Training Module. By implementing as you go, you'll actually achieve much better results - in much less time! This training material is not meant to be studied. It's meant to be applied. ;-)

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Module 17

Step-by-step Checklist for creating your Media Kit, complete with samples & live examples and a "Go Live" checklist.

Module 18

How to Sell Advertising on your blog or site... without being a "total sellout" and a simple formula to figure out what to charge for ads.

Module 19

Easy ways to find Brands, sponsors & advertisers that will pay you, and how to get MORE out of your affiliate programs!

Module 20

How to reach out to potential sponsors and brands, and score those long-term profitable relationships.
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Module 21: Creative Strategies To Increase Sales & Revenue

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Included in Module 21:
  • How to Host Engaging Product Discussions
  • What to do with your "Engagement"
  • Creative Strategies for Using Comments, Social Media Responses & Feedback to make even more sales!
  • How to Promote Your Product Reviews (Effectively!)
  • Using Video to Increase Your Conversion Rates, Fast
  • Creating "Social Product Engagement" to Make Sales
  • How To Write an Amazing Product Review!
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